Saturday, 10 November 2012

Saturday morning checkup and my beauty haul ^_~

Just got back from my checkup. I had to wait from 11am to nearly 2pm at the doctor's clinic!! O___O I really hate wasting time...good thing I brought a magazine with me to read.

I had my favorite Taosi Spareribs rice at Mr Choi's Kitchen....mmm!! I love it...the only thing missing was the Soy Milk I had ordered. It was prepared from scratch so the beans had just been boiled and was waiting to cool. Too bad I couldn't wait that long. I want my soy milk!

Afterwards, I dropped by Beauty Bar to check out some lip glosses (again). I bought Bloom's Lip Tint in what else....Tint! Yup, that's what the shade is called. It's a delicate pink that shows up on my acidic lips. Not too sheer like most tints so it's pretty good.

After getting this, I sauntered over to check out The Face Shop. They have this cheek stain which is similar to Body Shop's lip and cheek stain, only theirs is less red and more coral. I tried it on and it looked better on my complexion than Body Shop's. So into the cart it went. :)

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