Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Metal Gear Rising

This week has been all about Metal Gear Solid...err, I mean, Metal Gear Rising. It's the long-awaited, much-talked about addition to the Metal Gear series of games. Raiden will be the main playable character in the game, with no Solid Snake in sight. The game is due for launch in North America today.

As far as fan merchandise is concerned, we are lucky to have Uniqlo launch in its UT line the Metal Gear Rising apparel. There are around 10 designs for the shirts and 2 designs for the hoodies. I was at the store two hours after the new designs were released! Hahaha!!

I bought one black hoodie for me (which took forever to choose between the grey, red and black), one hoodie + 2 shirts for my SO, and one shirt for my brother. Their birthdays are on March so what better way to surprise them!!

Unbelievably so, I came back to Uniqlo last night to pick up the red hoodie I had left at the store. Then I picked out three shirts for me (yay!) and 1 shirt for my SO.

Fast forward this afternoon, I'm back at Uniqlo and I got one shirt each for me, my SO and my brother. Plus a hoodie for my brother. That ought to cover Chirstmas presents as well!

In total, I bought 4 hoodies, 4 shirts for moi, 4 shirts for my SO and 2 shirts for my brother. How cool is that!!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Life of Pi

Tonight, Sweetie and I watched Life of Pi in 3D. There were a lot of good points in the movie and it struck me in a very positive way. It stirred up emotions in me… I suppose the movie might hit you in a certain way if you’ve dealt with animals before, or had a pet. The fierceness of Richard the Tiger reminded me of my cats at home. Taming him reminded me of Blue Eyed cat, my kitty who passed away last year. We shared a special bond that only I and he will understand.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Japanese/Korean Night

Saturday night and I was out with my Sweetie. Originally, I had wanted to take him to Little Tokyo but it was quite far and at 7:30 pm it just wasn't feasible because it was getting pretty late for dinner. So I decided that the next best thing was to visit UCC at Eastwood City.

I wanted to still have Japanese for dinner. There was a lineup of pasta in UCC's menu so I decided to try one of them. I ordered the Unagi and Mushroom Pasta which didn't disappoint. The unagi was soft and had a sweet sauce which blended well with the cream pasta. Sweetie ordered the Seafood Risotto.

UCC Seafood Risotto
UCC Unagi & Mushroom Pasta

After dinner, we decided to try Caffe Bene, the new Korean cafe which had just opened in the area. I ordered the Bene Gelato in Creamy Caramel and the hot Misugaru Latte. The Misugaru tasted a bit like toasted rice. It was ok, but we were really craving for some Chai which they didn't have. The Gelato was a bit too light.

Misugaru Latte (hot)
Creamy Caramel Gelato

Next time, I want to try the other new shops that opened at Eastwood. There was Quiznos, J Co, and Tous les Jours. ^___^

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013! ^___^

To welcome the new year, I accomplished all the chores I needed to do :) Which means clean my room, do a bit of laundry...and mostly, declutter. Remove excess items that are no longer needed. Decluttering, I believe, is an essential part of life. I mean this in the most general sense. Declutter not only the excess material things just lying around the house causing us stress everytime we see the mess that it causes...but also decluttering ourselves from things at the back of our minds that worry us needlessly. These are the things that we cannot change no matter what, and in order to move to a new chapter, we need to free ourselves from. This is essential so that we can see the way forward clearer...only by clearing up our muddled environment and thoughts. We learn to let go in order to see what is really important...what is simple...what truly matters.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Start the Year right...with MUJI!

Okay, I admit...I am now a MUJI addict.

Second day in a row when I purchased stuff from this store (you will always find something you want to buy!). Surfed their website last night and there were a few items I missed the first time I was there yesterday.

Number one on my list was a modular drawer set for my wardrobe! I've been needing one of these for a long time and today is the day I got one! ^___^

With Hello Kitty atop my new modular set =^_^=

Of course, let's not forget the bath goodies. 

hair bandeau and body scrubber

a couple of women's razors

bath soaps!

toothbrush and holder ^_^

travel module for my toiletries :)

Massage oil and toning water mist for the face. I plan to use the massage oil for the Tanaka facial massage.

Finally, it's time to try the culinary stuff! Matcha powder mix and a few pasta sauces.


Pepperonchino sauce on my farfalle pasta

Happy New Year, everyone!! ^___^

Sunday, 30 December 2012

My MUJI Haul!

Okay, it's almost 2013 and it's best to start the new year right ^___^

I've recently discovered MUJI (after months of ignoring the store because I didn't find anything interesting to buy) because I bought some acrylic containers. I found their products to be of high quality and possessing elegance in simplicity. Call it a zen type thing.

One thing led to another and I visited their other branch. I was seduced by their Zakuro and Cherry liquid body soap...the scent was subtle but divine. I bought the "hand loofah" to go with it. The soap (despite looking runny) suds well and I love the way my skin felt after bathing. It rinses easily too. I love everything about this soap.

Today, I visited MUJI's new branch near my place and I'm glad I did!

Here are some of the items that I bought (I spent a little over $100, but I believe it was money well spent).

So far, I have tried the Cleansing Milk. This seems to have worked wonders on my skin. My pores looked instantly minimized and refreshed.

The Light Toning Water (for stressed skin) also works well. This is the second step after cleansing and I used Muji's large organic cotton pads to soak up my face with this liquid. I liked its mild scent.

Last step was the Moisture Milk. I applied it all over my face in small dots then spread it across my skin. This is something which I think should be applied only on the dry parts of my face (cheeks, chin) since my T-zone tends to get shiny. Overall, also mildly scented and easily absorbed.

My face felt refreshed after this cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. :)

Some other stuff that I got which are worthwhile mentioning...

A facial massager...I suppose this can massage your cheeks and jowls. I think this will help improve blood circulation.

2-way brow pencil with powder and brush. Works pretty well and gives your brows a natural boost. 
Moisturizing lipstick...I have chapped lips and this glided on smooth. Love the natural colour too. 

After all the shopping I did this Christmas, I decided that my feet needs some pampering! Here's some Shea Butter Foot Cream with a lovely thick texture for my feet. :) 

Happy Holidays, everyone! Share your Muji experiences as well!