Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Metal Gear Rising

This week has been all about Metal Gear Solid...err, I mean, Metal Gear Rising. It's the long-awaited, much-talked about addition to the Metal Gear series of games. Raiden will be the main playable character in the game, with no Solid Snake in sight. The game is due for launch in North America today.

As far as fan merchandise is concerned, we are lucky to have Uniqlo launch in its UT line the Metal Gear Rising apparel. There are around 10 designs for the shirts and 2 designs for the hoodies. I was at the store two hours after the new designs were released! Hahaha!!

I bought one black hoodie for me (which took forever to choose between the grey, red and black), one hoodie + 2 shirts for my SO, and one shirt for my brother. Their birthdays are on March so what better way to surprise them!!

Unbelievably so, I came back to Uniqlo last night to pick up the red hoodie I had left at the store. Then I picked out three shirts for me (yay!) and 1 shirt for my SO.

Fast forward this afternoon, I'm back at Uniqlo and I got one shirt each for me, my SO and my brother. Plus a hoodie for my brother. That ought to cover Chirstmas presents as well!

In total, I bought 4 hoodies, 4 shirts for moi, 4 shirts for my SO and 2 shirts for my brother. How cool is that!!

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