Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Lush Whip Stick review!

I went shopping yesterday to give myself a break.

Yes, sometimes I do need a break from the hectic everyday work life.

I had been itching to try something from Lush (not really the soaps just yet but I've heard tons of positive reviews about Honey I Washed the Kids). I was interested in their lip balm ever since I randomly walked into their store last week. I never knew they carried lip balms because all I could see on their shelves was soap...mounds of soap. All shapes and colors...some even looking as if they could crawl at you! Lol.

Anyway, I wasn't looking for anything fancy, just something that works well on my often-chapped lips. We have temperate weather here, nothing autumny (but would like to experience Autumn someday) but my lips are always dry so I carry Lip ice in my purse. I'm quite happy with Lip Ice but something about the texture of the lip balm I tried at Lush made me want to try it. I've been staying away from impulse buys in the makeup section because I have loads of lip sticks, glosses, nail polish, etc. that are expiring without even being used halfway. Plus, they are expensive!

Originally, I had wanted to get a lip tint (probably It Started with a Kiss because I like a reddish tint on my lips) but I found it too drying. It exacerbated the chapped look of my lips and the colour wouldn't adhere well. The sales assistant helped showed me some lip balms and I tried them each one... there was a honey one, a lemon-flavoured one (which I kind of liked) and a chocolate flavoured one. The last one caught my interest because it was a bit on the hard, semi-waxy texture but once applied on my lips, it surprisingly adhered to my very chapped lips quite well. It stay put and actually made my lips look supple (and kissable!)  My Lip Ice usually leaves a sheen (probably because of the petroleum jelly) but this one looks more natural. I was completely sold. So this is the story of my first Lush purchase called Whip Stick!

I'm on my second day using it and the little tin packaging is quite nifty. I enjoy pulling it out of my small purse and it's such a treat because it tastes like orange flavoured chocolate. The only thing I don't really like is that it leaves weird marks on my glass of water.

Okay, here's a picture:

I give Whip Stick 4/5 stars. Less one star because it's a tad expensive (approx. $10 here)

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