Monday, 24 December 2012

the Day before Christmas

So...I've been wanting...nay, craving for some new Louis Vuitton ever since I dropped by their boutique last week. It's the Christmas season and I haven't bought a gift for myself yet.

I've been hankering for an Eva clutch (now in all 3 designs!) and at the same time I've been wanting a cles in DA or Mono for as long as I can remember.

Thinking about it though, I realize that the Cles might not do it for me. The opening of either the Azur or Mono might be too small to fish out coins or cash. Currently, I'm using a card holder from Fino which works pretty well for me. But again, I'm itching for a Louis so I found myself watching Youtube videos on the MC card holder last night. I tried looking for a compact wallet at the LV website that allows me to store my bills without folding them, but to no avail. Probably this would be the secret compact wallet, but it's currently out of my price range. I considered the origami compact wallet but I think the bills still need to be folded. I already have the ZCP in MC and I have to fold my bills inside. I guess I have to try on the business card holder (I want the white MC!!) just to be sure. But that's another P16k!! Argh... I keep telling myself that this is another impulse purchase and I dont need another wallet (esp. since I'm eyeing the Eva). Or maybe I am just too bored and hang out at tPF too often so I have multiple LV cravings? haha...

Moving on, it's the day before Christmas and I'm enjoying a quiet Monday morning (for once!) watching the cats play outside. I still have to bring Ginger to the vet to be neutered and that has to be done before 2012 ends. I wonder if he's willing though? I do hope he doesn't put up a fight. Right now, he's chasing something in the grass...I wonder what it is?

Yesterday was shopping day.. I went with my brother and his gf to the mall (packed with last minute shoppers) so that I could do my groceries. I had missed out on doing my groceries for the past 3 weekends because I had been buying presents for my family and friends. I am soooo glad that I started Christmas shopping early this year... beats the crowds and the long queues!!

Anyway, the rice is almost cooked so I wil have ti check it out and have breakfast. My tummy is rumbling!

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