Monday, 31 December 2012

Start the Year right...with MUJI!

Okay, I admit...I am now a MUJI addict.

Second day in a row when I purchased stuff from this store (you will always find something you want to buy!). Surfed their website last night and there were a few items I missed the first time I was there yesterday.

Number one on my list was a modular drawer set for my wardrobe! I've been needing one of these for a long time and today is the day I got one! ^___^

With Hello Kitty atop my new modular set =^_^=

Of course, let's not forget the bath goodies. 

hair bandeau and body scrubber

a couple of women's razors

bath soaps!

toothbrush and holder ^_^

travel module for my toiletries :)

Massage oil and toning water mist for the face. I plan to use the massage oil for the Tanaka facial massage.

Finally, it's time to try the culinary stuff! Matcha powder mix and a few pasta sauces.


Pepperonchino sauce on my farfalle pasta

Happy New Year, everyone!! ^___^

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