Monday, 10 September 2012

Bread of Salt

It's interesting how far a bag of bread can take you.

I bought a bag which consisted of ten pieces of pandesal (salt bread) last night. It wasn't borne out of craving or need. I just needed some spare change so I had to buy something from the supermarket. Seeing that the queue was too long, I decided to just buy something from the bakery. The pandesal seemed like the smartest option because I knew I could eat it anytime, anywhere.

True enough, I packed it to work this morning. I usually go to work early at around 5:30 am to avoid the heavy rush hour traffic. I skip breakfast and usually eat what I have stored in my office pantry a.k.a. my office drawer. Twenty minutes into what I was doing, I felt hungry. Thank goodness for the bread that I had bought the night before! I opened the bag, took a morsel of tasted really soft and good. Not indulgent-tasty...but satisfying-tasty. Just-right tasty. The kind of tasty that makes you feel that what you bought was of good value.

I ate the pandesal for breakfast. I ate it again for lunch.

I never thought a bag of bread could give me such satisfaction. :) It feels good.

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