Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mold and Mildew

Ah...the monsoon is back. What I utterly hate is when the rain builds up humidity and leaves a trace of mold on my stuff.

Especially my bags.

I have to take care of my bags because I consider them my investments, aside from loving them as my personal collection. I acquired them bit by bit over the past two years.

I had been using one regularly and decided two weeks ago to rotate so that I could give her a rest. So I cleaned her, then put her inside my cabinet.

Two weeks later, I was looking for my lipstick and remembered that it was inside the bag I had hidden in my closet. When I opened my bag, there was a green layer of mold in the interior! I was surprised because in the past, it usually built up on the outside. I was fuming because the inner lining was cloth and even if I tried wiping it off, the residue of mold remained.

I brought my bag to the boutique where I bought it from this afternoon. The SAs weren't really helpful so I was quite disappointed. They just told me things I already knew.

I inquired with a bag spa and they said it would cost at least $35 to have it cleaned. I asked what method they would use but they haven't replied. I read somewhere that vinegar can kill off mold but I'm hesitant because the interior might bleed and smell acidic.

In the meantime, I'm airing my bag and hopefully the smell will at least go away.

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